ANNOUNCE: CodeCommander 0.8.2

General Information:
CodeCommander is a minimal programming IDE that can be used for many
different programming languages, including: C/C++, Perl, PHP, z80
assembly, Manpages, etc.
The purpose of this project is to make things easy on the programmer, so
if you find something that could use some work, let me know!




Fri Jun 30 06:38:34 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Tons of work on GtkExText:
  -Horizontal scrolling
    *proper cursor movement (viewport follows the cursor better)
    *proper scroll width
    *Remove line/word wrap code
    *Remove WChar code
    *Remove all references to create_paint_cache()
    *Speed has been increased by approximatly 25%

Wed Jun 28 12:21:41 PM PDT 2000 Chris Phelps <>
Fixed findbar bug (was not disabled when there were no files open.

ICQ: 14727618
Use CodeCommander for all of your GNOME coding needs.
./configure --prefix=/dev/mocha --enable-caffein --enable-double-shot

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