Announce: Guppi 0.33.1

I'm pleased to announce the release of Guppi 0.33.1.

After being stagnant for some time, Guppi development restarted in the
fall of 1999.  Guppi 0.33.1 is the first release to come out of this
renewed effort.

What is Guppi?

Guppi is a GPLed Gnome-based plot program with integrated statistics
capabilities.  It is designed to be very scriptable (via guile) and
easily extensible through a plug-in architecture.

Guppi is still in an early stage of development, and is very, very
alpha.  The available functionality is quite limited, and it is not yet
ready for everyday use.

You can learn more about Guppi at

What's New in 0.33.1

Everything.  This is a from-scratch rewrite of the Guppi code base,
building on the earlier work done by Havoc Pennington.

While earlier incarnations of Guppi were in C++, 0.33.1 is written
purely in C.


Guppi is available for download from


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