YAMT is Yet Another Mp3 Tool which helps you to organize your mp3s.

Currently YAMT supports the following:
  - Editing of single ID3 TAGs
  - Rename files based on their ID3 TAGs (optional recursive)
  - Mass tagging with variables %dir and %file 
    for the current directory and file (optional recursive)
  - Sorting into subdirectories
  - Find files with a special TAG (optional recursive)

- Improved the find feature ( copy, move, delete )
  You may now specify if the tag should be exactly the
  same or if it should only contain the string
- Lots of bugfixes and small improvements
- Added gettext support

download: http://sourceforge.net/download.php/yamt/yamt-0.3.tar.gz
homepage: http://yamt.sourceforge.net 

Please mail any bug reports, complaints, suggestions and comments to 
the author Benedikt Roth <BenediktRoth@users.sourceforge.net>.

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