Announce: NumExp 0.2

  I am proud to announce the first GNOME release of NumExp. Although
NumExp has been under development for some time, it used to be GTK only.
Now it has been completely gnomified, so I decided to announce it here.

  NumExp is an application for numerical and symbolic calculations and 2D
Plot rendering. 

  It's mathematical backend resembles something like Mathematica and
Matlab. It features: 
  - Simple expression parsing, with the usual operators;
  - Complex numbers;
  - Variables, which can contain any kind of expression;
  - Vectors and matrices: each element of a vector or matrix can be
anything, including expressions and other matrices/vectors;
  - Built-in functions: you can even calculate the determinant of a
symbolic matrix;
  - User defined functions;
  - etc.

  The XYGraph (2D plot) allows you to plot any function or list of
functions. It features: 
  - Each function's line attributes (style, color, width) can be
  - Multiple views through the GNOME MDI interface;
  - Exporting to any file format supported by libplot, which includes
vector formats like EPS, Fig, and rasterized formats like GIF and PNM.
  - A split-view mode to facilitate plotting of complex functions (I mean
functions that return complex numbers);
  - Linear or logarithmic scales;
  - Zoom;
  - etc.

  Go get it at

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro

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