ANNOUNCE: GNOME_Iconedit V1.0.6

Hi all you iconediting weirdos :)

I've made a new tarball of GNOME-Iconedit 1.0.6. It's at

What is it?
It edits icons.

What's new?
* Well the *BIG* major change is it now uses that amazing piece of coding...the
Antialiased canvas. This is to allow me to do some nice things for the next
release, but I wanted it to be tested and fairly stable before I started adding
to it.[1]

* The grid and chequerboard can now be turned off, and the alpha levels of the
gridlines can be set so they can be as apparent as you want them.

* Zooming is now nicer, although a bug in the canvas is stopping it from being
REALLY nice. (I'm working on the bug)

* The function buttons at the side now show what mode you are in, so it's easy
to tell.

* Jacob Berkman made a file from Chris Chabot's .spec file, so it
shouldn't cause the problems that plagued the last release. (Thanks Jacob and

* A tr.po translation.

hopefully it'll work for everyone
Redhat people may need to compile it with
./configure --prefix=`gnome-config --prefix` --sysconfdir=gnome-config

This is probably the last MAJOR release for a while, as I've got a university to
graduate from in May, so won't have the time to devote myself to this fully.
Still, any patches/complaints/problems/etc just send them to me, and I'll see
what I can do. 


[1]And for all you code reading people the code to draw the icons is much much
nicer now. Compare gnome-canvas-grid.c::gnome_canvas_grid_draw to
ie-canvas-layer.c::ie_canvas_layer_render and you'll see what I mean.

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