GNOME VFS 0.1 is out

Hello lovers of file system abstractions,

version 0.1 of the GNOME Virtual File System (code name "Federico
Thinks I Need a Code Name") is out.

The GNOME Virtual File System provides an abstraction to common file
system operations like reading, writing and copying files, listing
directories and so on.  It is similar in spirit to the Midnight
Commander's VFS (as it uses a similar URI scheme) but it is designed
from the ground up to be extensible and to be usable from any

GNOME VFS supports pluggable modules that implement the access methods
for different file systems, such as local file systems, FTP, HTTP, and
others.  Programmers can write their own modules to provide access to
other file systems or file system-like sources.

GNOME VFS also provides asynchronous file operations on all the kinds
of file systems in a portable way, taking advantage of threads when
they are available.  This is exported through a nice GTK+-like API.

GNOME VFS is currently being used as the foundation of Nautilus, the
GNOME 2.0 graphical file manager and shell, but is NOT finished nor
stable yet.  The purpose of this release is to allow more people to
test it and contribute to the code base.

* Availability:

* Authors:

The following people contributed to this release of GNOME VFS:

  Darin Adler <>
  Dave Camp <>
  Miguel de Icaza <>
  Elliot Lee <>
  Havoc Pennington <>
  Ettore Perazzoli <>
  Cody Russell <>
  Maciej Stachowiak <>
  John Sullivan <>


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