The GDP Announce the GNOME Documentation Status Table

To overshadow the upcoming GNOME 1.2 release, the GDP announce the
"Aerodynamic Banana" release of the GNOME Documentation Status Table

The GNOME Documentation Status Table (DocTable) is a coordination tool
for GNOME documentation. It tracks what documentation (and icon) work
has been done, what still needs to be done, and who is working on each

However, *everyone* involved with making GNOME better, should use the

*Application developers should use the DocTable to make sure their
 application is listed and to provide contact information, so
 documentation authors know of the application and can contact the

*Documentation authors should use it to find documentation components
 which need work done.

*GNOME users should use the "comments" sections for each documentation
 item to provide feedback to the documentation authors for each

The DocTable also makes it easy for new authors to find their favorite
app, see if anybody is documenting it, and get involved... and that's
exactly what we hope everyone does. Any questions or comments about
the DocTable should be directed either to the #docs channel on, or to

Many thanks to David "Club" Fallon, and Dan "muet" Mueth for all their
hard work in getting this done.

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