gnome-print 0.22

gnome-print 0.22 has been released.


What's new  (from 0.20)

- GnomeFont (Lauris)

 GnomeFont is heavily modified.
 We have now 3 levels of font objects, and API that hopefully
 allows us incorporating OpenType support without further API

 - Privatization (Lauris)

Almost all that can be privatized is privatized, including
simple dialogs. It is probably overkill for many, but I
just wanted to keep developers' hands free 

Privatization is not meant to empowerish you. If you need some
special property from some special object, we can simply add a
convenience method to get it

- Native drivers (Chema)

Included in this release are a set of new drivers for gnome-print.
The "Optimized Postscript" and "PDF" drivers are ready for public
*testing*. Please test them out and send any bug reports to The Optimized Postscript driver will replace the
current postscript backend in the near future. For more information
about the native drivers and instruction on how to make them available
in the printing dialog, see the included file "NATIVE_DRIVERS".
- Migration to Unicode (Lauris)

We are moving to unicode (at last !). gnome_print_show expects UTF-8
encoded strings.

Known API changes:

* All access to object internals is forbidden. Access methods are
 provided wherever possible.

* gnome_print_show expects UTF-8 encoded strings

* gnome_print_copies_get_copies() return integer and takes single
  argument. We can so save temporary variables and hook these functions
  nicely into function arguments

* gnome_font_selection gives us referenced copy of selected font, that
  should be unrefed

* you cannot get a font directly from gnome_font_selection_dialog.
 You need to retrieve the gnome_font_selection first.

Look into headers for more info. There shouldn't be "silent" API changes
other than gnome_print_show, so keep an eye on warnings.

The gnome-print hackers.

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