Gdk-pixbuf 0.9.0 "You Kissed Lilly" is released

Dear lovers of xenharmonic releases,

Version 0.9.0 of the gdk-pixbuf library, code-named "You Kissed Lilly",
has just been released.

This release incorporates some important bug fixes in the progressive
loaders which will be of special interest to Evolution users or other
people who use GtkHTML.  This release also includes John Harper's
patches to allow gdk-pixbuf to be used from Xlib-only programs.  And
for repenting souls who want to be redeemed, it also includes a
documentation appendix that describes how to port applications from
Imlib to gdk-pixbuf.

* Availability:

* Changes in this version:

	- Integrated John Harper's patch to provide an Xlib-only
	  version of gdk-pixbuf.  Now plain Xlib apps such as Sawfish
	  can use gdk-pixbuf (John Harper, Federico).

	- Animation bounding box fixes (Larry).

	- Important error-handling fixes to the JPEG and PNG loaders
	  (Michael, Larry).

	- Miscellaneous build fixes (Darin, Frank, Mathieu).

	- New flashy demo program of the scaling and compositing
	  functions (Federico).

	- New appendix in the programmer's documentation describing
	  how to port applications from Imlib to gdk-pixbuf (Federico).



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