Nautilus 0.1 (preview) is released

Hi everybody.

The first preview source code release of Nautilus is here. Nautilus is a
graphical shell and file manager for GNOME. This preview release is a
snapshot of Nautilus development.

Nautilus is not yet ready for daily use. Intrepid hackers may want to get
and build this preview to get an idea of what Nautilus will be like.

    You can get the Nautilus 0.1 tarball here:

        (mirrored at <>)

    A number of other packages are needed too, including the
    latest releases of libghttp, oaf, gconf, gnome-vfs, bonobo,
    gtkhtml, and medusa. The README file inside the tarball
    contains a complete list.

    The Nautilus web site at <> contains
    pointers to our mailing list, screen shots, and other information.

Thanks to the many people who have sent in suggestions and fixes and
contributed to Nautilus so far. Here's a partial list:

    Ali Abdin
    Anders Carlsson
    Andreas Hyden
    Andy Hertzfeld
    Arlo Rose
    Benedikt Roth
    Chris Blizzard
    Chris Lahey
    Cody Russell
    Elliot Lee
    Eskil Heyn Olsen
    Ettore Perazzoli
    Fatih Demir
    Gene Z. Ragan
    George Lebl
    Havoc Pennington
    Ian McKellar
    J Shane Culpepper
    Jean-Michel Ardantz
    Jesus Bravo Alvarez
    Joe Shaw
    John Sullivan
    Jonathan Blandford
    Josh Barrow
    JP Rosevear
    Kjartan Maraas
    Maciej Stachowiak
    Martin Baulig
    Mathieu Lacage
    Michael Meeks
    Mike Engber
    Mike Fleming
    Morten Welinder
    Nat Friedman
    Pablo Saratxaga
    Pavel Cisler
    Ramiro Estrugo
    Raph Levien
    Rebecca Schulman
    Robey Pointer
    Robin Slomkowski
    Seth Nickell
    Shane Culpepper
    Valek Filippov
    Yukihiro Nakai

Thanks on behalf of the whole Nautilus team for checking out our preview.

    -- Darin

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