ANNOUNCE: Control Center 1.3.0

The first version in the next development series of the GNOME Control
Center is now available on This version is a complete
rewrite of gnomecc and libcapplet proper. Changes to the capplets will
most likely be less extreme. There isn't too much in terms of new
features, but this version contains the following user-visible changes:

	* Capplets are no longer embedded, but are started up in separate
	  windows. This will become optional in the future; see below.

	* Capplets have only `Ok' and `Cancel' buttons; `Try' and `Revert'
	  have been eliminated

	* The user can choose between different views of the capplet
	  directory, i.e. tree vs. icons

	* The screensaver properties capplet has been replaced by the new
	  one announced on this list a few days ago.

Plans are to make each capplet into a Bonobo control, and to have
libcapplet act as a compatibility library that turns the widget into a
Bonobo control before registering it with the control center. Currently
this is not implemented due to some compatibility issues with gnome-pilot
and gnorba. When done, users will be able to choose either to embed the
capplets in the control center window in the old fasion or to launch them
in separate windows.

Of course, this is a development release, so the normal warnings apply.

-Bradford Hovinen

"If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise."

        - William Blake, "Proverbs of Hell," 1793

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