ANNOUNCE: dia-0.86

I have just released a new version of dia.  Dia is a program for drawing
diagrams.  It supports many diagram types, and can export to a variety of

This is the first version released as an official GNU program.

You can get dia from:

Here is a list of the changes in this version:
* Dia is now an official GNU program.
* Bug fixes to polygon, so that undo/redo of adding a point works correctly,
  and added extra connection points to shape. (james)
* added unfinished DXF import filter (Steffen).
* XIM support added.
* added beziergon object. (james)
* The right click menu now behaves correctly when torn off.  Actions will be
  performed on the last active display, which is defined as the last display
  to receive mouse clicks or keyboard input. (james)
* added little button to top left hand corner of display for bringing up
  the right click menu, as in gimp-1.1. (james)
* Layers dialog changes selected diagram when the active display changes.
* fixed bug in custom shape code affecting drawing of ellipses/circles.
* WPG and HPGL export filters added (Hans)
* Updated gnome-print code so that it respects the settings in the page
  setup dialog.  The gnome-print code is still not as good as the straight
  postscript code.
* Added a diagram properties dialog where you can manipulate the grid
  settings (which are now saved with the diagram) and background colour.
* many other bug fixes.

More information on dia can be found on its web site:



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