First release of gnome-gcj

I am pleased to announce the first public release of gnome-gcj:


The gnome-gcj project aims to create a complete set of bindings for GTK+
and Gnome in the Java language; specificly the GCJ/libgcj Java platform.
Cygnus Native Interface (CNI) will be used as the interface between C/C++
and Java.

The gnome-gcj project is hosted on SourceForge. The homepage of gnome-gcj,
the bug tracking system, the mailing lists etc can be found here:

About this release

The current release of gnome-gcj is a development release, and should be
treated as alpha quality. Many changes are likely to be made to the Java
Gtk/Gnome API, and especially the format of the .defs files. However, it
is still usable - most Gtk widgets are implemented. Exotic data structures
like GtkStyle are not implmented yet, and neither are any Gnome widgets.

Oskar Liljeblad (

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