GNOME control-center 1.2.1 released


GNOME control-center 1.2.1 has now been released.

This is mostly a bug fix release as in the last release, the
documentation was not properly shipped.  However, there are a few new
features in this release:

 * Cleanup of theme-selector code to no longer leave files in /tmp/
   (Courtesy of Owen Taylor)

 * Patch to background-properties-capplet to allow embossed images to
   appear.  This is particularly neat with a grayscale logo of some
   kind.  Please note that with this release, control-center now
   requires gdk-pixbuf.
   (Courtesy of Owen Taylor)

 * And, the wonderful docs by the documentation team are now available
   to the rest of the world, who do not have the gnome-stylesheets
   installed on their system.


The new control-center is available at: 
or your favorite mirror site.


As of this release, I am no longer the maintainer of the control-center.
I do not have the time to put the work necessary to move it forward on
it, anymore.  After a brief search, Bradford Hovinen has agreed to be
the new maintainer.  Please send all your bug reports to him... <-:

Over and out,

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