bug-buddy 0.9 released


Now available is the 0.9 flavor of bug-buddy.

bug-buddy is a small utility which makes it too easy to report bugs.  It
can report bugs to the GNOME, Debian, KDE, and Helix Code bug tracking
systems, as well as to independent projects.

 * Availability:

        - ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/stable/sources/bug-buddy/

 * Fixes:

	- GTK warnings fixed

 * Improvements:

	- gnome-mime is now used to try to guard against non-text
	  files being sent to the bug tracker (thanks to Luc Roobrouck of
          bug #9852 fame)

        - The gnome-print version is now reported to the GNOME and Helix
          Code BTS

"Is this love... or just confusion?"  -- Jimi Hendrix

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