gnome-games "Narcoleptic Doberman" released

Hello Telsa and other lovers of GNOME Games,

A new release of gnome-games is now available.  This version is a
short-lived test release that should quickly be followed up by a
gnome-games 1.2.  I would appreciate it if people with the time could
test this release and make sure that it is working, especially when it
comes to the new documentation, multi-depth machines, or if you have a
long history of crashing GNOME programs.

 * Availability:


 * Fixes:

 	- all games should work on multi-depth machines, instead of
	  the alternative functionality formerly provided, the
	  BadMatch error (Ian)

	- I am willing to bet that other things will crash less often

 * Improvements:

	- Iagno now has documentation (Eric Baudais)

	- Behold, Gnibbles now has configurable window sizes, and the
	  laptop users did rejoice (Sean Atkinson, Ian)

	- Gnometris now has that nifty option to start with the
	  playing field partially filled -- think of a falling block
	  game for an old 8-bit home entertainment system (Callum

	- As usual the translators have been working hard to keep
	  things up to date

There is no patch; there have been changes of a binary nature since
the last release which a patch wouldn't cover, and so then things
wouldn't compile.

The .spec file included is unchanged and untested since the last
release of gnome-games, so YMMV building RPM's.  If anyone is
interested in taking a look at this and sending me a patch to the file before 1.2.0, I would be most grateful (I have no Red
Hat systems and I don't know .spec files).

Ian Peters  | GnuPG Key ID 5C23D20C    | Those who know what's best | E584 2558 FAC3 BEAB EFAC | for us must rise and save | FC74 CFED 7E24 5C23 D20C | us from ourselves...

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