Eye of Gnome 0.3 is released

Dear lovers of preemptive, microtile-based, dynamic,
enterprise-scalable, open source, buzzword-compliant display engines,

Version 0.3 of the Eye of Gnome image viewer has been released.  This
version uses the lastest technology in buzzword compliancy to meet
your image viewing needs.

* Availability:


* Changes in this version:

	- Requires gdk-pixbuf 0.7, gnome-print 0.18, bonobo > 0.9.
	- The old canvas-based rendering engine is gone.  We now have
	  a custom rendering engine using gdk-pixbuf's fast scaling
	  functions (right now only bilinear interpolation is
	  supported, but that will change).  Zooming and scrolling can
	  be interrupted by the user at any time, leading to a
	  smoother user interface experience (Federico).
	  Scrolling is not finished, look at the TODO list to see what
	  is missing.  The final scrolling support will be in the next
	- Image windows now display the filename and image size in the
	  title (Miguel, Federico).
	- Many enhancements to the Bonobo component (Michael).
	- RGBA print support for the Bonobo component (Michael).
	- We now install an eog.desktop file and a cool icon (Tuomas).
	- Many new and updated translations (Ville, Jarkko, Pablo,
	  Dan, Gergo, Alastair, Tomasz, Richard, Yuri, Matthias,
	  Sergey, Fatih, Dennis, Christopher, George, Lauris, Vincent,
	  Simos, Kjartan).

The next version of EOG will include the finished scrolling engine.
The current version has the framework for it and some pseudo-hacks to
make it work.  It is fast, though, and can be interrupted by the user,
which makes it appear very snappy.



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