bug-buddy 0.8 released


A new version of the bug reporting tool is now available.  I like this
version a lot, and definitely reccommend upgrading.

I think the current bug-buddy web page is down since I don't have access
to my CMU account; I should be making a new page available soon.

There is speculation that a 1.0 version is around the corner.

 * Availability:

        - ftp://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/stable/sources/bug-buddy/

 * Fixes:

        - all bug-buddy bugs that can be fixed are either fixed or
          somewhat addressed

        - TurboLinux is now correctly detected

 * Improvements:

        - much of the GUI was redone

	- it is now possible to cc yourself on bug submitions

	- you get a preview of the message before you send it

	- (not finished) user documentation

	- you can submit bugs to arbitrary people now

	- Helix Code BTS is now supported

Have fun!
"I say, get it while you can." -- Janis Joplin

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