ANNOUNCE : gedit-0.7.0 ( We need help with the webpage too )

gedit 0.7.0 is now available.
gedit is a light text editor for the Gnome desktop.

Download at :

We have moved the web page to :

New in 0.7.0 :
* Many many bug fixes, and even more crash fixes.
* Mayor code clean.
* we rewrote mayor parts of the code, including
	- file i/o 
	- plug ins api
	- printing
	- preferences code and dialog 
* Most of the dialogs are now done in glade
* better error reporting to the user.
* the menus now work with the Alt + Menu key

PLEASE NOTE that you will need the
latest gnome-print version.

We need some help regarding the design of the 
new web page, if you are interested please mail 
me at

the gedit team...

Jason Leach
Chema Celorio
Alex Roberts

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