Announce: Gtk-- 1.2.0

Gtk-- 1.2.0 
Gtk-- is a C++ interface for the popular GUI library gtk. Gtk-- provides 
convenient interface for C++ programmers to create graphical user 
interfaces with gtk's flexible OO framework. Highlights include typesafe 
callbacks, widgets extensible using inheritance and over 110 classes that 
can be freely combined to quickly create complex user interfaces. Gtk-- 
is free software distributed under GNU Library General Public License (LGPL). 

ITS HERE!  The next stable version of gtk-- has finally shipped.  
After weeks of pounding through the last few outstanding bugs
we are finally ready.  Please take a moment and check it out.

Many thanks to the people who helped make this stable release
possible.  Binary packages should be ready within a week or so.  


Release: Gtk-- 1.2.0 (14 April 2000) 

  * SArray updates and fixes by Petur R <>
  * CTree/CList improvements
  * Fixes to reverse iterators
  * Fixed spontaneous window closures with help of
      Owen Taylor <>  (gtk+ bug)
  * Dtor fixes contributed by Tim Janik <>
  * Gtkmmconvert fix
  * CTree spacing bug reported by Andrea Dixon <>
  * Various minor bugs fixed.
  * Working documentation generator

--Karl Einar Nelson 

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