gnome-core and gnome-applets 1.1.8 "Smelly Red Marker" released


New versions of gnome-core and gnome-applets have now been released.

 * Availablility



 * New Features (a couple squeaked in even though we are in a deep freeze)

        - the drivemount applet's browse feature now works if you are
          running gmc (John Ellis)

        - you can now make a 'run' button and drag the run menu item
          to the panel (George)

        - The foobar ("menu panel") clock's format can now be changed
          to one of 4 formats, and has a tooltip with the date (Jacob)

        - The help browser can now use gtkhtml instead of gtkxmhtl if
          you have a recent enough CVS version of gtkhtml.  This is not
          enabled even if libgtkhtml is found; check configure --help
          for details.

 * Bug fixes

        - The documentation now uses the correct stylesheets (Dave
          Mason, Jacob)

        - Almost all applets are now documented (GNOME Documentation

        - global panel properties won't incorrectly tell the control
          center that changes have been made (Jonathan Blandford)

        - Kjartan Maraas, Christopher Gabriel, and Martin Baulig began
          translating some of the applet documentation

        - the session management man pages were updated (Owen, Miguel,

That's it!
"I say, get it while you can." -- Janis Joplin

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