Gnome-libs 1.0.16 is released

Hello, lovers of super-powered primates,

Version 1.0.16 of the gnome-libs package has been released.  We are
sorry to say that 1.0.15 had problems with the version of Berkeley db
that was used for metadata storage.  Version 1.0.16 fixes these

* Availability:

* Changes:

	- Fixed the ordering of tests for versions of Berkeley db.
          This will try to use db2, then db1.85, then db1.  If you got
          gnome-libs-1.0.15 and had problems with metadata in the
          Midnight Commander, please use this version instead (Federico).

	- Fixes for the installation of HTML/SGML documentation (Karl).

	- Fixes to the MDI framework (Jaka).

	- Fixes to the GnomeFileEntry widget (Federico).

	- Updated translations (Pablo, Vincent, Birger).

We apologize for the inconveniences.

Have fun,


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