ggv version 0.70

Hi Everybody,

There is new version of GGV available, please try it. As usual, bug
reports, enhancements and comments are welcome.


Jaka Mocnik ( has been working hard on this
version. He has fixed lots of user interface issues/bugs and improved
the bonobo support. He has added several features to the user
interface.  He has also fixed a nasty bug that caused ggv to hang if a
structured doc was loaded after a non-structured one.

Jesus Bravo Alvarez <> added Galician to the list of

Karl Eichwalder <>, <>,
<> were responsible for some other changes.

Please check the ChangeLog for more information. 

source in CVS and

RPMS at:

Daniel M. German                  "Diminutive as a mote of dust,
                                   a mere peck of the pen, a crumb on the
                                   keyboard, the full stop --the period--
                                   is the unsung legislator of our
    Alberto Manguel ->             writing systems"


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