hey gang,

i lurk around on the regular gnome list and made and announcement a while
ago. with a bit of prodding from miguel, i thought i'd do the same here on
the dev list.


i'm joining a company called TechRepublic as editor in cheif of alternat
operating systems.  i've been their primary linux contributor for about a
year so they figure it was time to bring me on full.  anyway...to my

i'm looking for people to write (on a paid and regular basis) about Gnome.
I want people to write hard core content:  developement, applications,
evolution, tools for creation of Gnome...you get the idea. 

i'm also looking for something else that might tread a fine line but i'm
gonna ask anyway (i'm funny that way):  i'm looking to start two services
on the site.  one will be like another service i'm doing called
(tentativly) Dr. Linux.  the (again tentative) Dr. Gnome column will be a
place for readers to write in questions and on a daily basis the best
questions and answers will be posted.  I would like to find someone
willing to play this role (this would also be someone willing to write
regular content).  

the second part (and i think the most exciting part) is i want to find
someone who is willing to create unique and original applications to meet
our audiences needs.  let's say a reader needs an application to do 'Task
A' well, they write in and our developers create this app for them.  these
applications would be avalible on the TPG section of TR (TPG is the paid
product of TR).  TR would pay for this applications of course - i have no
idea what the scale would be.  i do know that for technical articles we
pay .35 cents per word and at 2500 words you can do the math!  (i've made
my living doing nothing but writing about Linux for the last year).

anyway...if anyone is interested in anything above please respond to me
directly.  none of the above is set yet so, until it's no longer up in the
air, i have no actual facts.  but i'm going to be in charge of this and i
want it to be something the IT industry is going to look at more than

oh, and the reason i come to Gnome is cause i like it.  i use it (i'm at
October Gnome) and i find it just simply better than KDE.  

anyway...let me know if anyone is interested.

--jack wallen, jr-------------------------------------------------------- 
----------i laugh in the face of danger----------------------------------
---------------then hide until it goes away------------------------------

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