"October GNOME" release now available

                Announcing the release of

	-	O c t o b e r   G N O M E	-
		    (version 1.0.53)

The GNOME Project is pleased to announce the availability of "October
GNOME". This new version provides a stable, easy-to-use, and powerful
desktop environment for users of UNIX-like operating systems such as

===> What is GNOME?

The GNU Network Object Model Environment (GNOME) is a free desktop
environment for UNIX-like systems, allowing users to perform basic system
tasks such as file management and interface customization without having
to use complicated commands at a prompt.

GNOME provides a powerful graphical environment to ease the use of
UNIX-like systems. Using the drag and drop file manager, users can
manipulate files and desktop icons. Complete customization of interface
look-and-feel is allowed through the control center, which allows users to
achieve maximum comfort and productivity through appearance themes and
other settings. The GNOME panel, the central element of the GNOME desktop,
is a flexibly configurable launching point for applications and utilities. 

Native language support allows users to experience GNOME in almost thirty
different languages, and translation teams are working constantly to
increase the number of languages supported.

For developers, GNOME provides a standard application framework. This
ensures a consistent interface for users to learn. The application
framework allows developers to easily utilize techologies such as CORBA,
drag-and-drop, the GNOME canvas/imaging model, XML, libglade, and
programming language independance to build high-powered applications.

===> What is new in October GNOME?

. Impressive stability improvements allow worry-free computing.

. Available features in the core desktop applications have been
  expanded and improved.

. Interaction with the GNOME developers is more convenient, thanks to the
  simplified problem reporting process.

. Many more native language translations added by the GNOME Translation

. "Magic URL" feature in the terminal widget allows web integration
  with legacy applications.

. Glade interface development tool added.

. xchat IRC client added.

. CORBA interfaces added for major desktop services.

. Many additions to the GNOME true-color icons by the GNOME Icon Project

===> How can I install October GNOME?

For instructions on how to install this new release, please visit the Getting Started
page at http://www.gnome.org/start/

In addition to source code, pre-compiled packages are available for the Caldera,
LinuxPPC, Red Hat, and SuSE distributions of Linux, with packages for other
distributions coming shortly.

===> How can I get help using October GNOME?

Help is available through a wide variety of venues such as mailing lists,
IRC channels, and online documentation. Please visit the web site at
http://www.gnome.org/ for more information.

-- The GNOME team

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