CORBA::ORBit 0.2.0 released

Version 0.2.0 of my dynamic Perl CORBA bindings for ORBit is
available from:

There is also a GNOME::GNORBA module there for using
CORBA::ORBit within GNOME.

The nifty thing about CORBA::ORBit is that you don't need to
to create the stubs/skeletons as a separate step. You can
either point it directly at an IDL file that it will parse
directly, or it can it can get the information from an
interface repository. (Not the ORBit IR, yet.)

It is also very compact in terms of the amount of code
necessary to implement clients and servers.  CORBA::ORBit
will work out of the box with the Gtk:: Perl module, and an
example of this is included.

                                        Owen Taylor

Changes from version 0.1.0

 - Any and Fixed types now supported
 - Constant definitions are handled correctly
 - Support for oneway operations
 - Better integration with GLib main loop

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