gnome-core 1.0.51 "Golden Bonobo" BETA released

Hello GNOME debuggers,

I've just released gnome-core 1.0.51, or "Golden Bonobo".
It is the latest installment of the continuing beta cycle.

* Availability:

	- your favorite mirror eventually

* Fixes:

	- panel doesn't crash when you remove gnome-pager (Elliot, me)
	- gnome-terminal session management fixes (Michael Zucchi)
	- logout menu items use the logout icon
	- mini-commander docs are not stored in CVS (the are not included
	  in the tarball yet, I will fix this soon)
	- KDE menu appears in the panel right click menu
	- mixer applet gives a dialog before dying if it can't
	  open the mixer device
	- autohide size is applied when 'Apply' is clicked and not on
	  next re-hide
	- check for halt command before showing the halt/reboot option
	- fix for panel crash when background style is set to pixmap
	  but no pixmap is specified

I think that's it.

Please continue to crash this stuff and make bug reports.

Thanks and enjoy,
"Me fail English?  That's unpossible!" - R. Wiggum

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