Gnome Core 1.0.3 package released

Hello guys,

   The GNOME team has just released a new version of the gnome-core

* Availability:

* What is new:

	* Applet-land:

		* Mail check now can launch your mailer when you get
		  new mail (Jacob Berkman). 

		* Battery monitor: no longer outputs debugging output.

		* Battery monitor: now has a configurable time setting
		  for polling your battery.

		* Keyboard configurator: More keyboard layouts (Shooby

		  Also supports resizing now. 

		* Pager: Many bug fixes, code cleanups and some memory
		  leak fixes (Peter Wainwright, George Lebl, Damon

		* Modemlights: Should work on OpenBSD (Kenneth

		  Various small bug fixes from Johm Ellis (orientation
		  fixes; check for stale modem lock files; startup
		  position bug fixes).

	* Gnome Terminal:

		* Enhanced properties dialog box (should be more
		  intuitive for color configuration), by Owen Taylor.

		* Edit/Paste menu for users who never have figured out
		  how to paste :-).

		* Default scrollbar position is now right, like in the
		  rest of GNOME.

		* Fixes the stale "gnome-pty-helper" bug (closes all
		  fds that are not required by child).  This should be
		  already fixed in gnome-libs, this just closes a
		  separate can of potentail bugs

		* Norwegian documentation

	* Session Manager:

		* Documnted various of the GNOME extensions to the
		  session management (Felix Bellaby).

		* Implement some new extensions to the SM.

		* SIGPIPE-derived problems should be fixed (reset
		  SIGPIPE to SIG_DFL, due to various libraries messing
		  with this) before exec.

		  Thanks to everyone who helped spotting the source of
		  the problems!

		* Use a default.wm file to specify the system-global
		  default window manager (no longer hardcoded to our
		  defaults). (Felix).

		  This is configurable trough the Window Manager
		  option in the control-center. (Martin Baulig)

		* Widget to list the existing clients in a session
		  (gsm-client-list) (Felix again).

	* Panel:

		* Optimized applet motion (George).

		* Code clean up, usability fixes (George).

		* Killed old, unused code (George).

		* Themes interaction fixes (George).

		* Saves more X memory now by not keeping the
		  background pixmap around all the time (George)

		* Flicker fixes (George)

		* Help support for properties button.

	* smproxy:

		* Should not crash when you specify the session name
		  trough the environment (

	* Documentation:

		* Ship the applet writing documentation.

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