Re: Gnome-core-1.0.7 is released

> 	  - Gnome-terminal has better session management, better
> 	    appearance, can scroll pixmap backgrounds, and has an
> 	    --execute or -x option (Michael Zucchi).

this feature basically implements what xterm calls -e.  The problem is 
that we got it wrong in GNOME the first time.  We made it so that -e
takes a single argument.

So the terminal is usually invoked like this:

	gnome-terminal -e "command argument argument"

This is not always desirable (not always what people expect), so the
-x option allows you to do:

	gnome-terminal -x command argument argument

Given that various applications now assume gnome-terminal's -e option
works "different", we decided to not break this assumption and add a
-x option.  Thanks to Michael Zucchi for implementing this feature. 

best wishes,

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