Gbuild 0.6

I'm very pleased to announce the release of Gbuild 0.6!

* Availability:

This is a major release in the gbuild series, with many
bug fixes and improvements.


Gbuild is a system of scripts which automate the development process.
Automations include updating modules from CVS, compiling the modules,
creating tar files, creating spec files, and creating rpms/srpms.  Gbuild
will work with any project using a GNU automake/autoconf setup.  All work
is logged to separate log files for easy checking for compile failures or
output messages.

Gbuild 0.6 is the first gbuild release to use an autoconf setup for
itself, allowing the package to be highly configurable, and more robust.

This is a very exciting release.

Changes since gbuild-0.5:

	- reworked entire rpm/srpm/spec file process

	- rpms are created without having to recompile the compiled source

	- requires RPM 3.0 instead of RPM 2.5 to create rpms due to

	  rpmmacro file changes between those two versions of RPM.

	- autoconf checks for needed dependencies

	- much better configuration and installation of the gbuild

	  directory structure
	- many bugs fixed over all the scripts in the package

	- updated the README and INSTALL instructions

I'm very interested in helping anyone who uses this and has trouble with
it, and improving the scripts.  I'd also be interested in anyone who might
be interested in adding support for other package types, such as debian,
or stampede formats.  The code is easily accessible in the Gnome CVS
tree, module gbuild.

I hope you enjoy this release of gbuild!


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