Gnome Core 1.0.6 has been released

Hello guys,

   I have just released GNOME core 1.0.6.

* Availability:

* New features:

	* life game: Memory leak fix (George)

	* Many localization updates

	* Another clock fixes (Michael)

	* cdplayer displays pixmaps without garbage (George).

	* Various charpick bugfixes (Alexandre Owen)

	* Wanda fixes (Owen)

	* Many GNOME pager fixes (Owen Taylor, Martin, George Lebl)

	* Many minicommand bug fixes integrated (Brandon,
	  George, Oliver).

	* multiload applet can launch gtop now (Jacob).

	* Charpick applet has property page configuration now.

	* Gnome Terminal supports scrolling background (if you run
	  gnome-libs from CVS). (Michael Zucchi).

	* Show error message for all those people running Unix98 ptys
	  and not reading the manual (Jacob)

	* Gnome Terminal starts in 80x24 mode, not 79 (Michael)

	* Ugly border finally gone.

	* Gnome Terminal preferences dialog now behaves properly

	* Gnome Terminal does exten-selection if we have something to
	  extend, otherwise pops up menu (Michael Zucchi).

	* Session manager fixes from Martin Baulig.

	* Gnome Help browser fixes from Jacob.

	* Various Panel fixes (George)


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