GVoice 0.0.2 released

I've released the next version of GVoice, 0.0.2.  It's available from
ftp://anakin.cse.ogi.edu/pub/omega/gvoice/gvoice-0.0.2.tar.gz.  I've put
up a basic home page at http://www.cse.ogi.edu/~omega/gnome/gvoice/.

This package requires IBM's ViaVoice runtime and SDK components, available
from http://www.software.ibm.com/speech/, as well as a recent copy of
libglade, available from CVS and in snapshot RPM form (a little old
though)  from ftp://anakin.cse.ogi.edu/pub/gnome/cvssnap/libglade/.

This second release of gvoice doesn't add a whole lot in the way of new
features, being primarily a cleanup release.  Changes are as follows:

New features:

- Special exclusive vocabulary support, used for dialog boxes.  Existing
list of active vocabularies is disabled for the duration of the exclusive
vocab, then re-enabled once you remove it.

- Vocabularies are now gtk-compliant objects (patterned after libglade
code), allowing future expansion with derived vocabulary types to support
more complex grammars and such.

- spec.in file known to work (I just built it on an rh60 box)

- Nifty demo program thing.


- Code split into separate files for the core engine and vocabulary
routines.  Mostly a sanity thing, since they didn't change because of the

- Library code moved from lib/ to gvoice/ to facilitate the code split
relative to installed header files.

- All variables, types, and functions changed to match the style
guidelines laid out in the GNOME docs.

- Debugging statements now DEBUG() statements, with ./configure switch.

- Added some extra SMAPI callbacks that were making noise by not existing.

- Added a lot of documentation in gtk-doc format.


- Complete documentation of existing library calls, and set up gtk-doc to
actually create docs from the comments.

- Provide several example programs that demonstrate each major chunk of

- Consider making a lot of the SMAPI calls synchronous to avoid some of
the syncronization issues.

- Create a set of autoconnect functions that walks the widget tree to
connect each widget in a sane manner.  Include widget-specific support,
i.e. "set value to 0.4" for sliders, "button" and "not button" for
checkboxes, etc.

- Add an autoconf macro file, and gvoice-config.

- Lots more, give me ideas ;-)


         Erik Walthinsen <omega@cse.ogi.edu> - Staff Programmer @ OGI
        Quasar project - http://www.cse.ogi.edu/DISC/projects/quasar/
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