GNOME libs 1.0.10 has been released

Hello guys,

   I have released version 1.0.10 of the gnome-libs.

* Availability

   If you are installing in Red Hat 6.0 (or Red Hat 5.2 and you are
using the Red Hat RPMS, please read the section at the end).

* New in this release since gnome-libs-1.0.10-pre2

	* gnome-config

		* Small cleanups from Raja

	* Documentation

		* Improved gnome-fileconvert API description

		* Updated GNOME FAQ (how programmers can help in
	          GNOME, Baboon->Bonobo name change).

	* Internationalization

		* Applied patches from Akira Higuchi to use fontsets
	  	  instead of fonts in a number of places (gtk-xmhtml and gnomeui).

* Since gnome-libs-1.0.10-pre1

        * Documentation

		* Integrated Michael Zucchi Zvt widget manual and
		  reference manual.  Very very very nice manual
		  (Michael Zucchi, and some twidlling by me).

		* Proofread gnome-config.1 man page (Kjartan)

        * gnome-config

		* Fixed --modversion support (it was introduced in the
		  previous test release)

	* Fixes

		* GnomeIconList fixes to avoid crashes on some wierd
		  conditions (fixes a reported bug on gmc).

		* Memory leak fixing (George).

		* Accelerators for applications should get saved and
		  reloaded properly (Tim Janik).

		* Canvas line object fixes from James Henstridge.

		* Zvt should compile correctly on Solaris now (Brandon).

* Since gnome-libs-1.0.9

	* Documentation

		* Man page for gnome-config program, includes sample
		  usage of it in Makefiles and how to write
		  modules (me).

		* TODO.sgml included that describes the status of
		  documentation for gnome-libs (Federico)

		* Includes new version of the FAQ.

		* gnome-app-helper documented (me).

		* gnome-mdi documentation updated (Jaka).

	* gnome-config

		* Now supports per-module version information:

		* Can scan more than one directory for files.
		  It uses the environment variable
		  GNOME_LIBCONFIG_PATH to pull a list of directories
		  that contain files. 
		  (ie, you can finally use gnome-config to install
		  third party libraries on your RH system without
		  requiring root).


		* GNOME::object renamed to GNOME::obj, given that
		  object is a reserved word in every possible case
		  combination in CORBA (Elliot, me).

		* Renamed GNOME::Editor and GNOME::File to
		  Desktop::File and Desktop::Editor.

	* Translations:

		* Slovak (Bobo Rajec).

		* British (Robert).


		* Added server launching debugging extensions

	* Zvt

		* Start support for for 2-byte fonts (Michael Zucchi).

		* Supports xterm-like extend-select mechanism (Michael

		* Make the background image drawing work properly with
		  tiled images. 

		* Fixed various bugs from the bug tracking system.

	* Fixes:

		* Various bug fixes spotted by David Kaelbling
	 	  (comparission instead of assignments in a couple of

		* Gnome-moz-remote escapes the "," character now

		* Gnome canvas memory leak fix (Morten, Federico)

		* Gnome canvas images redraw queuing fixes (Federico)

		* Gnome calculator does factorials better (Robert Brady).

* Notes on deploying on Red Hat 6.0
   For Red Hat 6.0 users or other FSSTND users, you will need to
configure, compile and install gnome-libs like this:

	./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var/lib
	make prefix=/usr sysconfdir=/etc install

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