Guppi 0.8.0


A new Guppi is out; in the usual place:

You should not need to upgrade Goose; the last couple versions should both
work. It should compile with CVS Bonobo, but Bonobo is stricly *optional*
- just press Enter when the configure script says it won't build with
Bonobo support. (I know it says press any key, but you have to press
Enter.:-) As usual you need gnome-print, Guile 1.3, and gnome-libs.

New stuff:

 - Start on a pie chart module from Frank Koormann <>,
  Bernhard Reiter <> and
  Jan-Oliver Wagner <>.

 - Updated to match recent Bonobo changes

 - Sets icons and class hints on windows
 - Has editable "label data"

 - Non-user-visible: initial "action manager" and price bars code.

As always, send bugs, comments, and patches to or


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