Test release: gnome-libs-1.0.12 is out.

Hello guys,

   I have released a *test* version of gnome-libs.  I would like as
many people to try this version (hopefully Dax Kenelson will be able
to provide rpms for this test release).

   I want to see if it is ok and if things work fine after you install
this library.  

* Availability:


* New in this release

* New widgets dept

	* Jonathan's GNOME Druid Widget is now included in this
	  release of the libraries.  This allows authors to write
	  Druids (some people might have seen something similar in the
	  Wizards used in Windows).

	  The GNOME Guru widget is now deprecated.

* CORBA interface changes 

	* The base class now is called GNOME::Unknown, not GNOME::obj.

* LibArt
	* More utility functions added for affine usage.

	* ArtPixBuf now have a destroy notification system (Tim).

	* Many bug fixed in LibArt.  The Gill paint program has been
	  exposing some bugs that have been addressed.

	* Support for finding whether a point is inside or outside a
	  sorted vector path (you guesses, required for the
	  beta-Bezier canvas item used by Gill).


	* Owen Taylor added support for loading information and locale
	  information based on the country.

	* Fixes to get the Paper information loaded correctly
	  (Gnumeric depends on this).


	* Added MDI fixes for internationalization (Jaka)

	* Font picker should not crash anymore

	* GnomeCanvasImage item supports "pixbuf" argument for passing
	  ArtPixBuf images (We are moving toward an ArtPixBuf/GdkRGB
	  system for image loading instead of Imlib for our core

	* George fixed the GnomeCalculator bugs reported 

	* Akira provided patches to make the gnome-icon-list and the
	  icon-items international plus various fixes to the code that
	  crashed the file manager.

	* Tim Janik added a gnome_canvas_get_color_pixel() routine. 

	* Tim Janik made the standard arguments recognized in more
	  places in the GnomeCanvasItems and provided saner defaults

* ZVT Widget

	* Word selection fixes from Matthijs

	* Various smaller bug fixes from Michael

* Documentation-dept

	All the API documentation on this module should be already on
	the http://developer.gnome.org web site.

	Remember, if you want to help finish the GNOME API
	documentation, contact Dave (dcm@redhat.com).  He is
	coordinating the documentation effort.

	* Elliot provided GNORBA documentation (very nice).

	* A lot of gnomeui updated documentation.

	* Updated FAQ contents.

* Popt

	* Updated version of popt

* Work in progress:

	* The MC VFS is gone from gnome-libs.

	* A new VFS is being developed by Ettore, it is a nice async
	  library for file system manipulation.

	* We are in the process of replacing Imlib internally in GNOME
	  (we will still be compatible with it) to use Raph Levien's
	  ArtPixBuf (part of libart, which is used on the canvas now).

	* Mark and Larry have been working hard on getting the new
	  ArtPixBuf loader replacements in place.

And many many many bug fixes people have been reporting in the past.
Too many to list.


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