LibGTop 0.100.0 has been released

Hello guys,

LibGTop 0.100.0 has just been released. You can find it at:

This is a stable release which will be released as 1.0.0 on Monday. If you
have any bug fixes that should go into this release, please let me know.

Changes since 0.99.8:

* Cleaned up the header files to make it work with native `cc' compilers
  on Solaris and Digital Unix.

* Added back the DEC OSF/1 V3.0 port - this is still a little bit unstable,
  but already working.

  You need to run configure with the --enable-hacker-mode parameter if you
  want to use it.

* Bug fixes. Thanks to Jeremy Lea for FreeBSD-current, the NetBSD ports
  collection for NetBSD and the FreeBSD 2.2.8 ports collection.

LibGTop and the GNU General Public License:

There was some discussion about the correct License of LibGTop this week
and many people were glad when I wrote that the license of LibGTop will
remain the LGPL.

However, even if some people will get very angry with me about this, I can't
keep this statement any longer.

Primary goal of the GNU Project is to promote free software instead of
proprietary one. It does not help the free software community if LibGTop
becomes popular very quickly - even if some proprietary programmers won't
contribute anything to it if they can't use it (which might be considered a
bad idea), it has always been the principle of the GNU Project to stand
together and help one another rather than betting for help from proprietary

This is also what Richard Stallman <> writes:

> In the GNU Project, discrimination against proprietary software is not
> just a policy--it's the principle and the purpose.  Proprietary
> software is fundamentally unjust and wrong, so when we have the
> opportunity to place it at a disadvantage, that is a good thing.
> The GNU Project policy, in GNOME as in the rest of the GNU Project, is
> to release libraries under the GPL, except when there's a special
> benefit *to our goal* from doing otherwise for some particular
> library.

You can learn more about "Why you shouldn't use the Library GPL for your
next library" here:

Let the Spirit of Free Software go on ...
Martin Baulig - -

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