GNU Midnight Commander 4.5.42 is released

Dear heaps of carbon-based macromolecules who think they think,

Version 4.5.42 of the GNU Midnight Commander has been released.  This
is a bugfix release.  Since version 4.5.41 was not graced by a public
announcement, I'll put the list of changes for both versions here.

* Availability:

* Changes:

	- Important RFC-compliancy fix for ftpfs (Alexander).

	- Minor fixes to the desktop customization code (Miguel).

	- Cosmetic fixes to popup menus for devices (Jonathan).

	- File renaming fixes for the desktop and icon views (Federico).

	- Added a "--disablerootwarning" option (Vincent).

	- More sanity checks for the widget systems (Pavel).

	- Robustness fixes for desktop icon arranging (Federico).

	- Ability to free VFSes (Pavel).

	- Display fixes for ftpfs (Pavel).

	- Fishfs and general VFS fixes (Pavel).

	- Proofreading fixes of the user's guide (Kjartan, Dave).

	- Many updated translations (Ivan, David Sauer, David Martin,
          Kenneth, Marco, Sung-Hyun, Kjartan, Rodrigo, Evgeny,
          Richard, Lorint, Birger, Miroslav, Yuri).



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