Miguel in CERN.

This is from my friend Jes at CERN:
> Hi
> Since there seem to be a few people who wants to come and hear Miguel at
> CERN I had to check how this works (well the organizer was kind enough
> to check for me).
> Basically Miguel will be giving his talk at CERN on Thursday May 6th at
> 2pm (I am 99% sure on the time, I will let you know if I was mistaken),
> Entry is free, but you have to go to the main CERN reception and ask to
> get in for the 'Computer Colloquium' organised by Sverre Jarp (you
> probably have to mention Sverre's name). The receptionist will tell you
> how to get there. However, I recommend you get there at least 30 mins
> before the talk so you have a little time to find the auditorium).
> Another thing, if you plan to go, could you please mail me a day or two
> in advance - I would like to have an idea of how many people are coming
> from the outside (the address is Jes.Sorensen@cern.ch)
> The abstract for the talk is included below.
> Jes
> GNOME - a free desktop for Linux and other UNIX systems
> (http://www.gnome.org/)
> Miguel de Icaza (miguel@gnu.org)
> Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM, Mexico.
> The GNOME project was started to create an entirely free desktop
> environment for free systems. One of the main objectives of GNOME is
> to provide a user friendly suite of applications and an easy-to-use
> desktop including features such as drag and drop. GNOME is based upon
> open standards such as CORBA and XML and uses the highly portable and
> free graphical toolkit GTK+ for GUI programming.
> GNOME 1.0 was released after eighteen months of development in March
> of 1999.  Following the style of development of the Linux kernel:
> releasing updates and fixes continuously: at the time of this writing,
> GNOME 1.0 is at version 1.0.8. GNOME 1.0 provides a wide range of
> applications including an image manipulation program (GIMP), a
> spreadsheet (Gnumeric) and a calender tool.

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