Re: Writing a GNOME mail client.

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999 wrote:

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> > Another, small thing about the keybindings, I think if they were kept as
> > close as Pine's that would be great.  Also I think there should be some
> Absolutely not.  Pine has to have the worst ever user interface.  The
> keys driving everything are so context sensitive.  'm' doesn't always
> get you to the main menu 'q' doesnt always quit.  control-y goes up a
> page in one screen, and PRINTS in another.  That is NOT the way to
> write a good user interface.

I personally like it, and I think the fellow who had the idea about the
customizable keybindings was a great idea.  Having it so that there would
be several choices, of keybindings and then a customizeable one was a good
idea.  About the multiple user thing.. you know how communicator ( well in
the windows version ) has the choice of which user to start up as?  Under
a menu there could be a list of different users and you could change them
on the fly perhaps?  There could also be a drop down in each compose
dialog to send as different users.. but the main one under a menu would
control everything from which mailboxes it polls, etc.
Has anyone worked with the rbl in sendmail ? the realtime blackhole list
(, for spam rejection and whatnot.. would it be
feasable for a client side version of this in the email client?  and a
little option to turn this on and off in preferences ofcourse.  i dont
think i've seen a rbl implementation in the actual client before..  and
again i don't even know if this is realistic or not.  

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