RHAD Labs announces GNOME 1.0 RPMS for Red Hat Linux 5.2

RHAD Labs Announces GNOME 1.0 For Red Hat Linux 5.2

RHAD Labs is proud to present a collection of RPMS for GNOME 1.0 which
have been crafted to fit cleanly into a stock Red Hat Linux 5.2
system.  This release is representative of over a year of work by RHAD Labs
and the GNOME community to create a free desktop.

We have extensively tested GNOME 1.0, and feel this release
of RPMS is a significantly more stable environment than the 
initial 1.0 release. If you tried the initial set of RPMS we encourage
you to upgrade - you will be impressed.

In particular, here are some of the issues with the initial 1.0 
release that RHAD Labs have addressed:

 - Owen Taylor has implemented a simpler and more reliable
   session management (SM) mechanism.  Layered on top of the core
   GNOME SM libraries, the new mechanism allows the user the
   option of saving their desktop state only when they want it to,
   instead of automatically when they log out.  We have found
   this to work extremely well with our test subjects at Red Hat.
 - Federico de Mena and Jonathan Blandford have been working
   for several months on making gmc (the GNOME file manager) stable
   and functional.  The latest version (4.5.30) is a vast improvement
   over its state in Jan/Feb 1999.

 - David Mason has updated his extensive GNOME User's Guide 
   (over 100 pages!), which Red Hat is releasing under the GPL,
   as well as updating help text for the GNOME Control Center
   and the GNOME Panel.

 - The Rasterman has a new version of Enlightenment which 
   addresses many bugs people have reported, and has a few
   new themes (hint: now you can really confuse your WindowMaker friends).

 - Jonathan Blandford has written a new Mime Type capplet which allows
   you to define actions associated with a particular file type
   (you can specify the .gif files are to be opened with ee, and
   .png files are to be opened with the GIMP, for example). Bugs in
   existing capplets have been fixed as well.

 - Dr Mike has been working on more closely integrating GNOME and
   the Red Hat distribution, as well as being in charge of building 
   this new set of Red Hat RPMS for GNOME.  

 - the Labs members and the rest of the GNOME community have fixed 
   hundreds of reported bugs.
This set of RPMS was built using gcc on the Intel platform (previous
RPMS were built with egcs, which causes some confusion since the
default cc on RH 5.2 is gcc).

How To Get GNOME

An HTML guide is available at http://www.gnome.org/start/getting_rh.shtml

Reporting BUGS

If you have a packaging related question about these GNOME RPMS, you can
email Dr Mike at <drmike@redhat.com>.

All GNOME functionality bugs should be reported to the GNOME bugtracking
system at:


the RHAD Labs Team


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