ANNOUNCE: Chart-1.0, a stripchart plotter

Announcing version 1.0 of chart, stripchart-like plotting program with
a file-based parameter input mechanism and a Gtk-based display

The chart program periodically reads data from files, extracts a
value, and displays these values in one of several formats.  The
default format is a graphical display similar to that of a stripchart
recorder.  Hence the name, "chart".

On systems such as Linux, in which the system parameters are available
in human-readable form in the /proc directory, the chart program makes
a dandy performance monitoring tool, similar to but more versatile
than xload.

Instead of being limited to a few standard performance parameters, the
chart program can plot any time-variant parameter than can be read
from a file or pipe.  This ability to read data from a pipe provides a
very versatile and easy to use method of setting up custom displays.

The chart program is available from  A recent
version of the Gtk toolkit is also required, and is available from the
GIMP/Gtk homepage at href=

Comments, criticisms, bug reports, patches, and so forth are welcomed at

-- John Kodis.

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