gnopernicus refuses to start

I took my new laptop to the new Birstall LUG which has just started up. Some of the members also attend the Hudersfield group as well. We The chap who has been trying to get me running with Gnopernicus has managed to get it speaking again.
However, it seems not to be able to run just after I have logged in.
Does anyone know what the problem is?
Will I have to uninstall Gnopernicus and re-download it?
Might my problem be fixed if I edit whatever needs to be edited to get the spoken login prompt? The person who installed it for me did have it running after I had logged in when he first got Ubuntu installed for me but we seem to be having problem after problem, first it wouldn't speak but he managed to sort it out I think or I am hoping it will still work manually but we have never had it running from a login prompt. I am using Ubuntu, Breezy Badger but am not sure if it is the latest Gnopernicus. I am not sure if a edit of the configuration file or whatever it is called in Linux will work if it is not speaking at all. Basically what seems to be happening when I login is that I hear the drive sounding like it is trying to load Gnopernicus with nothing happening. I asked the chap who helped me from the Huddersfield LUG if I would have to re-install the whole lot, Ubuntu, configure to get the main repository and do an apt-get or have the chap use Aptitude or whatever the graphical tool he used to download Gnopernicus to fix my problems. The chap who is helping me get running is very technical minded when it comes to computing under Linux but even he was getting frustrated that we were not getting the spoken feedback. I am thinking of sending the Gnopernicus information for accessable login in the hope it may overcome my problem. I am hoping to get a converter for my keypad or laptop so I can connect my separate keypad as at the moment, he was having to navigate the layers by switching using the FN and Scroll lock keys or whatever to try and get numeric pad commands. Some of them seemed to work but some didn't and I am wondering if one of these commands may have screwed up Gnopernicus on my system because of the FN keys and pressing numbers might have done something else which we did not intend.

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