Anyone tried the Sylpheed Email client with Orca?

I decided to test the sylpheed email client, version 2.0.4 with Orca. Sylpheed seems to be a very nice, lightweight email solution, and would almost be ideal but for the following two issues:

1. When viewing an email, it doesn't appear that there is a way to enable the display of a caret. 2. Orca is not automatically reading field names. For example, when composing a message, if I tab to the subject field, Orca only says "text"; However, If I issue a read current line command, the proper field name is spoken.

Obviously, the lack of caret browsing functionality puts a damper on things, but I just thought I would mention the program here in case there is a way to enable it that I've missed. If not, perhaps a suggestion to the maintainer would be in order, as over all, this seems like a pretty nice app.


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