Fwd: accessebility suggestion for Ubuntu 6.06 LiveCD

Bill Haneman said:
I don't recall ever "refusing" to fix any corepointer
issues, for instance - at the time you asked, there were multiple
research efforts under way to try and address them.

Maybe I put that too strongly.  You stated that the fix was to have a
second input device and were unwilling to consider, or at least gave
me the impression that there was not anything that could be done about
it.  This may have been a flaw in my own interpretation.

I also count the dependence on sticky keys a configuration issue.

As a general rule no application should be too dependent on the
configuration of the underlying operating system be it Xorg
configurations or a11y configuration.  Completely aside from the
inconvenience to the user, conflicts between applications with
different configuration requirements could become quite likely.

It's very easy for an application developer to think that his or her
application is the most important thing running on a users machine,
though it is not a fair assumption to make.

Chris Jones

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