gnome 0.13.0

This is only a new tarball for the gnome-mag 0.12.6
that corrects a problem in the version numbering, so
the last announcement remains the same for this one.

This new tarball can be found in

Sorry for any inconveniences.

What's gnome-mag

gnome-mag provides a command-line interface for
standalone use, although its primary goal is to
provide a set of magnification services for use by
other client applications and assistive technologies.

Download at the usual place :

What's new in version 0.12.6

Released July 10, 2006

* Fix for #344070, this change how the update is done
to avoid bad blocks generated during this process.

* Fix for #343689, added contrast support to


 - Sayamindu Dasgupta (bn_IN)
 - Dominique PELLE (eo)
 - Rahul Bhalerao (mr)
 - rajeev shrestha (ne)
 - Abel Cheung (zh_HK)


The GNOME Accessibility community.


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