[Accessibility] IBM TTS SDK

But no one has any means of acquiring the runtime. The least you
could do is to document on the SF site for this project how one
legally acquires the runtime.

>>>>> "George" == George Kraft <gk4 austin ibm com> writes:
    George> FYI, this past December I released an open source IBM
    George> TTS SDK for TTS dependent projects to compile with.
    George> This SDK project only provides the ABIs for compiling
    George> and no runtime logic.
    George> http://ibmtts-sdk.sourceforge.net/
    George> The eci.h header file and libibmeci.so stub library
    George> will enable your open source packages to be built to
    George> use the Linux IBM TTS Runtime.  The Linux
    George> distributions could precompile various components
    George> with the SDK so that the runtime will work when
    George> installed.
    George> -- George Kraft IV gk4 austin ibm com IBM Senior
    George> Software Engineer SWG Linux Accessibility Project
    George> _______________________________________________
    George> accessibility mailing list
    George> accessibility lists freedesktop org
    George> http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/accessibility

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