Re: Fwd: Voice recognition for GNOME

Calum Benson wrote:
This is a new voice recognition project for GNOME:
I've took a look at it, and they seem to be using the IBM voice
recognition engine. BTW, the website is written in Spanish..
If it's the original ViaVoice engine, then I'm afraid it's not really usable as a dictation tool. Dragon Naturally Speaking is only just usable as that IMO, but is of course Windows-only.

I wrote a page about my experiences in using Naturally Speaking to pipe speech input from a Windows box into Gnome on Ubuntu via VNC a few months ago:

It sort of worked.

Even though I have little faith in the old ViaVoice engine, I think this new effort might still be worth while doing for several reasons. The worst thing about the Dragon system is it's user interface; it's more of a hindrance than a help. Editing the few mistakes that do occur is very clumsy and breaks your whole train of thought while dictating.

If this gnome project can show the way with a much more elegant user interface then I think there is a fair chance that Dragon might make it's engine available on Linux. After all, Linux can be configured for low latency which is very useful for music applications, and likely for voice recognition too. There is work being done on free engines of course, but I think these will need a lot of investment to catch up.

Of course IBM is still working away at its voice recognition technology deep in its labs. I expect the next generation will be very much better than what we have seen so far.

- Henrik

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