Re: Ubuntu on my desktop

Hi Michael,

What I would like to know is what applications does Orca work with as I will only have access to the Gui based applications unless there are text based ones I can use as well?

Orca works with several GUI based applications as well as a wide range of shell based apps via gnome-terminal. Some of the apps orca will work with include gaim, evolution, firefox 2.0, openoffice 2.0, gedit, totem, etc...

What I mean is would I have access to Linux DVD players etc?

Yes. The totem movie player is accessible with orca, and is good at playing dvd movies. You will however need to run apt-get to get a few extras to enable totem to play dvds. Another app I like is sound juicer to make ogg files, and to rip audio cds. You'll find there are a few cd players, mp3 players, cd rippers, movie players, etc that work with orca unofficially.

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