Re: Orca Running on the Edgy Live CD -- HOWTO

Hi Henrik,

Sorry for cross-posting. I've seen questions about this on all three lists though, so I felt it appropriate.

I've written up a fairly detailed HOWTO in the Ubuntu forums:

Please comment with your experiences and on how it could be improved.

I created and used the Edgy Live CD yesterday.

(and blogged about it:

I didn't have the benefit of your HOWTO, but I did everything you
suggested albeit in a different way (with thanks to Mike Pedersen for
his help).

Here's some comments:

* First a minor spelling nit. You have "wring" when you mean "wrong".

* I used Control-Alt-F1 to bring up a virtual console to do the initial
 run of Orca. It's less to type blindly then Alt-F2 and "gnome-terminal"
 and "orca". Alt-F7 to get back to your desktop. Control-Alt-Backspace
 as you suggest to logout.

* I logged back in and started up Orca, but then had real problems with
none of the applications I tried starting up. Visually the little wheel icon
 would "spin" and there would be a "Starting <application>" tab in the
 gnome-panel but the application would not come up on the screen. By
 going back to the virtual console, I could see that the app was running.

I "solved" this by logging out again, then at the login prompt, rather than
 wait the ten seconds or so for the live CD to automatically startup, I hit
 Return. After the desktop was shown, I started up Orca again, and this
 time the apps would start up nicely and be spoken by Orca.

This live CD is *really* impressive Henrik. Many thanks to you and your
team for putting it together.

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