accessible ubuntu 6.06 findings

1) graphical boot jumps up very fast and monopolizes ubuntu's start up procedures; bad but not fatal, 2) Gnopernicus even when started up by sighted installers doesn't always come up talking even with a verified working sound card; bad but not fatal, 3) On a vintage 1999 dell dimension p3 desktop computer possibly dsg or dsx install system starts up automatic partitioning then gets lost in space; bad and fatal, 4) Sighted assistance did verify disk integrity on install disk and the disk passed with flying colors; bad and fatal. This accessible version of ubuntu has managed to frustrate a system administrator who has installed many Linux and Unix systems over the years who is sighted and came over intending to help me get this system installed. Maybe I will try the next release but only if it works as well as the current grml beta on this system. 5) The hard drive earlier had a 2.4.27 speakup-enabled debian system working on it just fine and was a 120GB ide hard drive in a sled; partitions had been erased by slackware 10.2 in preparation for this install attempt too. We left the computer try to partition and format that hard drive for 3.5 hours. 6) The option to notify developers about bugs does not work; befitting rest of performance and fatal.
7)  Anyone has any problems with these findings and can perhaps offer work
   around ideas; please send a copy to kingtut42 yahoo com under
   accessible ubuntu ideas.

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